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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 1, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> and also the lower visibility, i'll talk you through the shot and your commute coming pup. >> let teak a live look outside from south bay this morning, downtown san jose. it is monday, december 1st. this is "today in the bay." >> and a very good monday morning to you. thanks to you for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and sam brock. the weather has brought down trees, power line, mud slides and road closures. thousands spent the past holiday weekend stuck on the roads, at airports and across the country or at home in the dark. but the worst still could be to come. >> stephanie change little pick
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picked. >> as much as we need the rain, there were problems with the rain over the weekend. a mud slide and in san francisco, in the presidio, a tree fell taking down power lines with it. >> it made a big boom. but no sparks and no wires. >> it was like dominos, just came down. >> meantime people are also of course trying to get home from holiday travel. san francisco international suffered a back log, much of it caused by strong winds.
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>> different story yesterday, only minor delays reported. though people said it was a wait o get out because of the wet roads. it can remind you why you theed to mover. >> live here this morning, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> thank you, steph. >> and mike inouye has a lotst.
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his wife is sit willing down with an exclusive intergo on the "today ou "show this morning, jan arise talked about what happened that night in the elevator. >> i was furious.
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we came home. would didn't being right i was completely over it. i was done, didn't want harr g neg, mg nchbl i know this is us, it not him. >> the nfl declined o comment. but they received a memo saying no part of the arbitrator's. >> coming po 3.
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>> interesting timing it still facing a ton of fruchlt. some are joining in the protest of a grand jury decision not to indict the police officer who shot michel brown. self-dwren among po word in the meantime, a coup wantsnochlt s
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his(now today president obama will meet with his cabinet to try to figure out who to go about rebuilding trust throughout the country. >> a lot of patching to do there. >> a small group gathered at an oakland church yesterday to remember mikele bow bo f police are investigating the discovery of a man as and this morning the
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police are asking the public norm tres so much more be apa p. it looks aswe head through the p. two storm system root purchase rn great news when it cops to. that's a congratulate, great perspective for you. but ut ot los gattus, offer 2 inches of rain. we also did well in brisbane, over an inch of rain. we're going to see these very
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light cells pass through the area as we head throughout the day today so go ahead and grab your rain gear just to be on the safe side. on-and-off activity will continue. we have the storm window opening but the storm we're expecting isn't going to roll in until we head into tonight add tomorrow morning. the peninsula at 69 degrees and 67 on the east shore. we'll give you the timeline of rain in my next report. >> we're looking at west 580 with some of the fog through livermore and altamont pass. seeing the roadway is a little tough, all that moisture in air prp p. >> it's going to be tour to see if it passes through livermore.
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all of this throwing from for westbound, where thp has a report of a daebld vehicle in the middle of the roadway on the eastbound direction. it's possible it might be westbound. it looks very slow for thes visibility, the rest of your bay moves very smoothly. the south bay peninsula, no real issues, some cloud drifting through the area. and whipple for 1 1, but it looks like that's cleared up unless nm we'll see morm there's
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a clear view of that span and we watch that fog for you. zrm and the pros. >> hope fle not this dark as we lo look. graphic pchb pchb.
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>> >> it's a great time to drive into nissan.
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>> let me ask you, sam, what
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time is "orange is the new black" show on? >> it's on demand. >> exactly. people have gotten used to doing things on their own time. sales are down for black friday. if you broaden it out to the total spending, that was down 11%. so what happened? well, it would appear shoppers are working with their own schedule. realizing there are sales all the time. and there may be some that are better than what they call black friday, they're not going to be told when they can shop. they're certainly saving money on gas. let's check in with landon doughty. she was live at cnbc headquarters. >> futures are lower.
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stocks have turned in six straight weeks of gain. oil prices are down near $64 a barrel, following opec's -- >> >>''. >> your true love. 27,673.22. that's up about 1% from last year, the smallest increase since 2002. 8 of the 12 items were the same as last year. it's still reasonable at just $20. so make sure you keep that one on your list. scott, back to you.
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>> fair enough. the story about the pear trees and what not is a fun way of looking at real inflation. that's the lk. >> remember, corin fran consumers simply have more money in their pocket. >> and i am going to talk about babies. too many infants sleep one safe bedding that may lead to suffocation, despite guide leens recommending against that practice. for more than a decade, parents have warned parents.
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suffocation is it latest cause of death in infants. you just want to swallow them up and pray he beep wooep 5:17 now. thanks for waking up with us. hopefully you had a fantastic holiday. we have more rain on the way. and we're going to talk about how much snow is on the way to tahoe where we already picked up significant totals over the weekend. next report i'm going to focus in on tahoe. this morning they are making snow on top of the snow that already came down in trucky. maybe this is your weekend to get up there. 54 degrees in santa rosa, 59 in san francisco, good morning to
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you. 52 in u kaaya. if you have family members traveling, watch out, fog on the picture this morning also. moving from south to north, but also the coastal mountains getting a little bit of showerer activity. now, as we get into this afternoon, temperatures are going to be comfortable. you're still going to see those on-and-off potty shells so for today, you meet want o to go why japan and then as we head through next week even, we keep that storm window open, which is so here is mike on your drive.
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>> exbe there is moisture in the air. this is san rafael for southbound 101. the entire area looking like a smooth drive so far. the bridge is looking really clear for our camera good morning zbfrmt specific, no.
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on retailers hoping to lure shoppers in. bob, we're understand workers there are bracing for an upon ponl how about getting some friend in the snrmt. >> these are robots that move
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the product to workers like michael to your left. they're automate id, it says, okay, you've got fokt thattin berman is with amazon how much of -- fulfilling order that may opinion flfrmt f. nng n.
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sfch sfchlt. >> last weekend you filled 426 items per second. what are you speaking of? >> more that that mrm nrm mfrm sprp this is one of our big deals of the day. this is the fire ht 3. >> what is it now? >> 139. >> thank you very much, kregs, i appreciate it. it's quite amazing technology. >> a rare look inside the process. thank you very much, bob.
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the time it federal budget prn. your status.
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>> let's check our morning commute. it was light last week. >> yeah, it was. slow through highway 4 through antioch. 101 itself is moving smoothly so far. it's 280 southbound. more widespread slowing over the last couple ofments. it has tapered off. and the bay bridge toll plaza looking clear. ments. it has tapered off. and the bay bridge toll plaza looking clear. minutes. it has tapered off. and the bay bridge toll plaza looking clear. >> coming up, a suspicion smell shuts down a hospital.
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coming up, why this storm will be more significant than those of the past. >> even all the way through friday, the end of the week, showers linger. i'll give you the timeline, show you when you can get outdoors without dodging showers in just moments. >> and that rain obviously left moisture in the area. we have fog this morning. i'll show you the bigger problem for folks traveling through livermore coming up. >> different vantage point this morning.
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5:29. this is december 1st. it's "today in the bay." >> and it is the start of a new weekend, a new month. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. they're getting ready for round two but still cleaning up from round one. the wind and rain is coming our way tomorrow. stephanie chuang with a live look at the clean-up. >> good morning. we heard the story from christina, the wet weather definitely impacting travel yesterday. we got details of pretty dense fog in livermore. you'll hear the update from mike throughout the morning. beware of that also in addition
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to the wet roads. meantime in san jose over the weekend, yesterday you saw a lot happening. there was one accident northbound 878 south of 101, truck flipped on its side after it apparently lost control because of the rain. also in the east bay around 9:00 yesterday morning, one of our other photographer actually witnessed an suv losing control, spinning out and crashing on northbound 880 in oakland near broadway. almost right after, a white car lost control and also crashed. and then in san francisco, we're talking about travelers, sfo suffered a backlog, much of it caused by strong winds. sfo suffered more delays than anywhere in the country, averaging one to two hours. >> we're going to sit here. there's not much to do at an airport and everything is say
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troshs -- atrociously expensive, $12 for a couple of sodas. so we're not going to do too much here. >> and the mud slides sending rocks down into the roadway. at last check with the pg&e power outage center, it's pretty okay in the bay area, san jose has the worst with 50. we'll keep you updated throughout the morning. >> we love to see the rain but it's tough to see the damage that sometimes comes with it. thanks a lot, steph. >> the coast guard was called to respond to a distress call from a 45-foot sailing vessel stranded about 40 miles
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offshore. the crew was able to untangle the propeller just before they arrived. no one was hurt. >> despite the rain, can you have crab for christmas, if you want. crab fishing season opens today off the coast of oregon, washington and mendacino county. >> and stay with us, keeping an eye on us.
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>> one staff member reported feeling sick after smelling the odor. he was treated for what is being called minor injuries. the fire department closed off portions of the emergency room. the hospital was reopened aro d around. >> 300 people livethat homeless encampment and they have been warned about what is coming in the months to follow. crews will post signs warning residents they have 72 hours to clear out. city leaders say once bulldozers tear down the encam maniment, an environmental company will work to restore the area. >> an unusual tradition returns to the south bay today.
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it allows certain people to avoid spending the holidays behind bars. it's called operation second chance. it's done every year at this time, allowing people with non-violent misdemeanors and checked into jail. the program doesn't, tend to people will fell any warrant, however. >> the end of the road may be near for some bicyclists some cyclists like to use sidewalks for the added protection of traffic but it would not be alone.
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because even today we are going to see on-and-off shower activity. you're making your way off to work this morning with some sluk conditions. pu is over 3 inches of rain high atop mount -- and cole well ko
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and, as a result, teak a look at this. coyote creek was flowing over the weekend and it will be flowing again as we head throughout the mid section of your way. and expected as we head throughout tuesday and wednesday alone. we need the snowfall. our frozen rez voir up in the mountains, the snow is really the key to us getting out of this dprout. 52 in the south bay, 56 on the peninsula. we're going to see temperatures in the mid to upper 60s as we get into this afternoon. may might be your best day to get outdoors.
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let say happy monday, happy to you interest you. >> the traffic is flowing nicely but we're picking up up the volume westbound. you still see the effects of the low clouds here. as far as your commute for west 580, it's not necessarily in the heart of livermore but coming out of the altamont, chp cleared there from the report and now we see the slower drive developing. west 580 going to see a lot more company over the next 20 minutes. we'll plan for that and watch that. the orange right there indicating
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a nice easy drive on either side of the bay. typical toward the bay bridge. we do have the cash lanes backing up for all these folks. weep should see the meter lights turn on in a couple seconds if they don't already. that's a pretty typical pattern for a monday. we'll watch this develop. back to you. >> it is 5:39. still ahead, experts predict billions will be spent online this cyber monday. for companies like amazon, that means an onslaught of packages. but now the company is turning to robots for help. we'll have details and a look coming up. >> and janay rice is sharing her story and her thoughts on nfl commissioner roger goodell. >> let's take a look outside of the beautiful bay bridge this morning. we made it to the first day of december and monday as well.
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that atmospheric river, take a look at this, tuesday into wednesday, even thursday, we keep showers going. we'll tell you how much we're expecting in just moments. first here's mike and your drive. >> all right, christina. let's take a look over here to the bay bridge. 5:39 when they were turned on. these are the folks coming out of the maze out of the east shore freeway and berkeley curve. last week was very light. you see a little slowing for the east shore. not necessarily the conditions. but we are watching the low clouds and fog and patches for the bay as well. west 24 at 580,
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fender bender in your middle lane. it's a problem at 24 at 580. a smooth flow for the castor valley y. and an earlier disabled vehicle was cleared around north flynn. we just lost our weather data but still issues for visibility at types for 680 and 580. 680 does show a smooth drive still toward sunol. overall the south bay is showing a slightly lighter flow of traffic as well. the san mateo still moves nicely, a good amount of company for you.
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we're looking across to the folks leaving from hayward. no problems across the dumbarton bridge and the metering lights are on for your usual schedule. >> a group calling itself ferguson action wants people across the country to walk out of school and their job this morning to show solidarity with the missouri community. the mayor says officer darren wilson won't see a severance package or any other benefits from the department. they say ferguson had been receiving death threats. today the president will meet with his cabinet to try to figure out how to go about rebuilding trust throughout the country. >> a small group gathered at an
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oakland church yesterday to hon p remember michael brown and others killed in police violence. >> as the indefinite suspension of former baltimore ravens running back ray rice is now lifted, his wife is speaking out publicly. in a "today" show exclusive, janay rice talked about her husband punching her unconscious and about the actions that followed. >> ray rice's was lifted ahead of this weekend's games. espn is reporting a number of teams are showing interest in the running back and his wife is sticking by his side. janay rice is speaking about an arbitrator's decision to lift her husband's indefinite ban. the arbitrator said the league was wrong to punish him twice.
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he was suspended for two games but then when the video surfaced, that's when the commissioner suspended him indefinitely. janay rice said her husband was always up front with the commissioner. she was asked if she thinks roger goodell is the one who is lying. >> i can't say who is telling the truth. i know ray told the honest truth he's been telling since february. >> and you think the league and the commissioners covered their butts? >> i think they did what they had to do for themselves. >> nbc obtained a memo from the nfl to team owners saying no part of the arbitrator's decision questions the commissioner's honesty or integrity or his good faith
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consideration of the issue when he imposed that indefinite suspension on rice. and coming up, what janay had to say about her husband knocking her uncontract. >> in the meantime, he's not working. >> but there are teams interested. >> especially as she tries to offer clarity as well. >> which will be a p.r. challenge to say the least for whatever team signs ray rice. >> facebook. a case centers around a man imprisoned for four years for
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posting rap lyrics and shooting up a class. >> it's a company that has been spotlighted, criticized in recent weeks, now uber announcing it is going to discipline one of its executives. not the executive people might expect, though. >> that's right. not the one that caused a giant kerfuffle earlier in month. >> it turns out an executive did track a reporter as she went to
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the offices for an interview. he has been disciplined. >> and sony said its movie studio has been hacked. several movies, including the yet to be released "annie" remake were stolen and placed on the internet in file sharing services. sony hasn't confirmed this but several tracking sites say "annie" is on the internet, as are other films. >> some say it may be north korea because of sony's recent
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movie about bringing down north korea involving seth rogan and they promised retaliation. this may be it. >> christina? >> we on our way to the 60s. stick around, i'm going to show you how much rain we're expecting where you live. it sure was night to hear that heavy rainfall on my rooftop over the weekend. how about you, mike? >> it was nice. the thing i don't like is the gutter outside my daughter's
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room still makes that clink, clink, clink sound. but at least it's got rain in it. >> we're seeing a typical buildup for 101 north. a lilt forth of our shot, we have reports of a fender bender, which is taking a couple minutes. it's adding to the showdown here. from 85 up to about capital expressway. and now there's a slower drive on the approach as they see the lights backing up into the area. we had a lighter commute throughout much of the area. >> a little build off 83. watch for issues like fog coming through the tri-valley, potential there for some
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slowing. the bay bridge toll plaza, we do see the metering lights on. the left approach is a little bit lighter than the rest. >> it is 5:55. who doesn't like a good makeover, especially one that can change a life. two organizations are giving homeless dogs another shot at adoption by giving them a big scrub down and a brand new look. for these dogs, it can make a huge difference underneath all that clumpy, matted fur, sometimes a brand new dog. this is charlie. he's a youtube star with nearly 9 million views. but what's most important is that he and a bloond dog named maggie were seen by millions of potential new owners. >> she becomes more relaxed as all of the layers of gunk are coming off her. >> they get this little strut going and you change their lives. >> those dogs have new homes just in time for the holidays
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thanks to their extreme makeovers. >> there's no question many of those dogs should and will be adopted. >> coming up, with all the companies vying for your cash this cyber monday, who do you trust? >> coming up, the five mistakes you don't want to make online. >> and a live look at the amazon processing plant in tracy, where in very meticulous form they are gathering all your orders and getting them ready to be shird.
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